Eudice's Pendant

Dazzling pieces, each an individual work of art. Centuries old forms and symbols in a menage of ancient visual language weaving together language, superstition, texture, form and color. Such is the otherworldly luster of avant garde jewelry as art, in fused and dichroic glass; silver and gold in various forms; platinum, copper and brass. All the creative inspirations of Eudice meld together the mystical with the natural so superbly; they twinkle in tribute to the exquisite taste of the wearer.


The true beauty of the glass is hard to capture with a camera, as when it is trying to show all of the detail of a piece, it can only accomplish this while taking away the luster, hiding the true beauty of the colors of the dichroic glass. So when you look at a piece, remember it is even more beautiful than it appears on the site.


All pieces have been fused, annealed, and gone thru many firings in a kiln at temperatures up to 1500 degrees, so that they are hardened like tempered glass and are very strong, unlike regular glass.


Are you looking for something different - that you may wear either with jeans or at a formal occasion - feel glorious in - that will evoke compliments? If so, then take a celestial trip thru these pages to view unique and one of a kind FUSED DICHROIC GLASS JEWELRY, PENDANTS, DICHROIC GLASS WATCHES, and JUDAICA, which includes unique MEZUZAHS , Large, Medium and Small, HEBREW NAME PENDANTS, JEWISH STARS and CHAI Pendants.